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Cherry Adv. develops digital advertising solutions for clients worldwide. The technology is based on targeting & retargeting and real-time bidding models for providing customized online ads.


Shopping campaigns. Let's shop!



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You have an online store and decide to sell your products more effectively, it is worth to do a Shopping campaign. The advantage is that you have dynamic real-time changing products and refreshed information for them.

Your online store needs to meet some specific technical requirements that your programmer needs to know in the development or refurbishment.

Some basic data from your list of products in the online store:

  • ID - you use this to identify each one
  • Title of product -  that appears when your ad is served
  • Description - it be displayed in your ad
  • Product category - select from predefined categories of Google
  • Type of product - determined by you
  • Link to page element of your website
  • Status (available or not)
  • Price
  • Promo price



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You cannot start a Shopping campaign if the feed does not meet the requirements of search engines where you advertise. Contact us for more information. It is important because if your data feed does not match your site, Google will not display your product ads.

Several very important things to keep in mind before creating a feed:

  • Make sure that the product titles and descriptions are keyword rich, but also attractive to a potential buyer who will review your ad. Google uses this feed to see if your products are suitable for the search query.
  • Prices are accurate, especially when dealing with international currencies!
  • If you advertise to many countries you will have to translate the data feed for the serving country language. Commercial AdWords campaigns are specific to each country!
  • Product images are high quality!
  • Make sure there is no URL addresses 404 / dead pages!





Automating advertising campaign for online shop.


 Campaign for online shop


We create a shopping campaign with all its products. Our advanced algorithm continuously optimize and update bids for each product. Never lose time managing campaigns manually again!

Access to market indicators product groups:

  1. Click-Through-Rate (CTR)
  2. Max Cost-Per-Click (CPC)
  3. Impression Share: How often your ad shows divided by how often it is permissible to show.





Continuously measuring the Return On Investment (ROI)


roi Certified Professional 

 Monitoring of a global product and ROI has never been easier with our reports.

ROI can be calculated depending on your margin or revenue according to your goals.

  1. SKU level reporting .Detailed reports on the movement of the products. You can see how products are sold and what are the prerequisites for conversion!
  2. Historical data on all campaigns and products are kept regardless of any changes in the platform.





You & Cherry on the TOP


 google adwords shopping campaign


Bids shall be calculated separately for each product based on multiple factors: History of transformation, margin and outstanding competitive positioning data assistant. Our pricing algorithm includes data from Google Analytics for even greater accuracy.

  • Attractive and easy to use by your customers shopping platform.
  • Impression share metrics by product group. Do you ads show at every opportunity? Well, now you can find out!
  • Settings of a new generation: If a product is available in two campaigns at the same priority level, bids will determine which campaign will show ads. 


Google shopping certified CherryAdv





At the end of each month you receive a report about what are the campaign's results. With standard ads in other media (TV, radio, magazines, newspapers, billboards, etc..) you pay for rotations (number of transmissions) or during the broadcast, but have no real measure of their success.






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