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The company’s web designers are young people with innovative thinking. We understand the significance of your site and its design and we can help you gain the trust of your clients. Our projects can help increase your brand’s value and optimize your online business results. We create unique brand elements and web design which will go hand in hand not only for your online and print materials but for the overall marketing strategy. Your web design influences people’s attitude and how they perceive your company. Your site is your company’s presentation and people use it to make a decision within a second: whether your company is reliable, professional and flexible.


New web design techniques are constantly developing. Over the last few years the technologies developed rapidly – desktops were replaced by laptops, and the portable computers gave way to tablets and smart phones with incredible functions and possibilities. Internet usage nowadays is much more different than it was only five years ago. Today the web pages have the best HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and other scripting and coding languages.


When choosing a web design company, there are many factors to be taken into consideration. The quality of the work is definitely significant. May be nothing else is of importance if the quality does not answer your expectations. How does our company satisfy your needs? In our design approach, the coding technique and process are followed by a personal investment of time and experience by the designers and developers working on the project.

All these components of a team of professionals, oriented toward its clients’ targets, play an important role for the provision of a well-communicated and flexibly created and developed project which meets your needs.


Choose from over 540 ready-quality design for web sites and processing with your colors, logos, photos.


Website in which the whole content can be edited thorough the admin panel. The system used for the sites’ development is the best, professional and recognized in the whole world. It can be used for the development of a small company website or a portal or a group buying site. Subsequently the system can be upgraded with various functions as it is used all over the world and there are a lot of applications developed for it:

  • Website design or sample development
  • Administrative panel for website management
  • Adding an unlimited number of pages from the admin panel
  • Filling in up to 10 internal pages with text and photos
  • The remaining pages are created by us but you alone fill them in with text
  • Slideshow
  • Gallery
  • User registration system
  • News system
  • Search system
  • Dynamic map
  • Contact form for direct inquiry from the site
  • Visitor counter
  • Admin panel operation training
  • SEO


The website design is one of the most significant things when creating a new website and we pay special attention to this part of the development. It is important the design to comply with the users’ expectations for a certain field of services or products in order to make them feel they are at the right place and stay longer in the site. The good design shows the clients that the company is successful and has a lot of clients which for the user is equal to quality services or products.

Most web design companies do not employ a professional designer and offer mainly ready designs to their clients while we are mostly designers and have experience both as advertising business designers and web designers. Every detail on our sites is a fine piece of workmanship so that when the site becomes part of our portfolio we can be proud of what we have done regardless of the price for the site development. The design includes icon editing, image pre-formatting, background image design, logo design (up to 1 hour work), selection of photos.

Each activity is characterized by its own peculiarities and design is no different. Each website design has to partly reproduce the brand vision and to have elements reminding of the field of services or products.

If that rule is not observed, there is a real chance for the user not to recognize your site as the exact place for the service or product s/he was looking for and to find another one which corresponds to a greater extend to his/her idea for presentation style.


In terms of design it is not important to have just any nice and modern design, what is important is to have the exact nice and modern design for your services and products. Apart from web site development we also offer the service website design. We can create the design of your website and you can choose who will be responsible for its technical construction. Of course if you order both services – construction and design, at the same time as a single service “Website development”, the overall cost will be considerably lower.

If you already have a website developed by another company but you do not like its design, we can redesign it which is cheaper than complete website development as the main structure and position of the elements is already made and we just have to make them more attractive.

  • Web site design (2 projects)
  • Logo design
  • 10 corrections on the design after project selection


We develop logos for companies or websites. Professional service offering 3 projects. When a logo is developed, we investigate the competition as well as the obligatory elements which must be present in the logo design in order to make it recognizable by users and to remind of the services or products which the company offers..

  • Design of three different projects logo
  • Up to 10 corrections after project selection
  • Logo specification – file with description of colours and colour variations (black and white, grey and white with background)

Our work:



Ecommerce developing

The online stores which we develop have attractive design and rich functionality, they are easy to manage and are fitted up with the current payment methods as well as many other tools. The online store is offered ready to use and after the training you just have to add your products. You are not required to make any settings or install software by yourself.

  • Templet for background, header and colour change
  • Administrative control panel
  • Unlimited number of categories, subcategories and products
  • Training in administrative panel operation
  • Standard and advanced search with various filters
  • Payment method: though cash on delivery or bank transfer
  • Fixed delivery charge
  • Products promotion
  • Product options (size, color, etc.).
  • Enquiry form
  • Adding of producers
  • “General terms”, “Delivery terms” and “About us” page
  • SEO


How do you receive information how many of your advertising clicks have ended with purchase and/or order, e-mail registration, applications and files download, telephone calls and other activities from potential clients?

The setting of deals tracking is very important and AdWords offers several different approaches: Example: sales and potential clients. You would like to register each sale via Adwords and each potential client, who has downloaded one of the company’s catalogues.

Изработка, управление и продажби на онлайн магазин

Through the system the business automatically receives information about all sales and enquiries via a selected communication channel.


Do know, that

More than 35% of online businesses go bankrupt due to a poorly crafted Website or Online Store

Several points of reference we are aware of:

Domain to remember and write easily

Quickly load on mobile devices

Recognizable and distinctive design in a highly competitive environment

It is arranged and easy to navigate and use

Content is unique and provides useful information to the user

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Professional experience of the team that works with You

Developers, Designers, Copywriters, Bloggers, Social Media, Video Designers, AdWords Specialists, Advertising Manager, Financial Consultant and etc.

15 years in sales of services / products
5 years with Google AdWords, Display
10 years of business process management
9 years with HTML/CSS/Ruby/JavaScript
7 years with Photoshop
6 years with Facebook
4 years with Shopping Campaign: E-commerce
1 years with Apps & Ads