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Why is social media so critical for your business?

In today’s high-tech world, media such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook are becoming the best friend of the business. Here is why every entrepreneur has to transfer his activity to the right Internet channels efficiently. The main reason for this is that their target audience has long been present there.

And the best way to expand your business, improve your customer communication, and provide them with better service is to be active on social media. Start right now by betting on Facebook advertising online ads or other preferred media!

Why is business moving into social networks?

Social media is one of the most essential elements of digital marketing, thanks to which companies are successfully reaching millions of new clients worldwide. But what is the benefit of Facebook ads on your business?

  • Improved company’s popularity

By doing Facebook advertising online, you increase brand recognition. All you need is a useful social network strategy that helps your business grow tangibly. Many marketing studies prove that splitting a few hours a week for a Facebook advertising online ad or Twitter will lift your company to the top charts by success, quickly creating a new and broader audience for it.

  • Increased user satisfaction

Social media are essential in the communications and networking platforms. And creating a voice for your business to improve its image would not be possible without these platforms. Therefore, Instagram ads, for example, are more than necessary in this case.

Always remember that your customers are noticing and evaluating when a real person and not a robot responds to comments posted by them. Any company that respects its audience should separate from its time and attention to communicate properly with it. And what is better than marketing on Instagram?

  • Strengthened brand loyalty

By running Facebook ads, you help your prospective customers notice you and use your services. What’s more – this way, you unconditionally keep your public and enhance its loyalty to you.

All Facebook Advertising  online specialists are unanimous that one of the fundamental goals of each business is the formation of a permanent and loyal customer base. And their devotion is inevitably linked to their level of satisfaction with your brand.

  • Provided favorable business opportunities

When you promote your company through Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, you immerse it in deep water, giving it a chance to be on social media with millions of daily visits.

That is why managing a Twitter campaign, for example, can improve your visibility, business position, and website traffic. Besides, it will also help you meet new vendors and business partners in your area.

Why is Instagram the fastest growing network?

To date, Instagram has over 1 billion active monthly users, ranking second in popularity in the world, after the giant Facebook.

The functionality of this platform is the number one reason for its success. Marketers can easily manage Instagram ads even when they are on the move.

Similar to Facebook advertising online ads, visualization is another factor, thanks to which Instagram is so preferred for business promotion. People receive and interpret information better through their vision. And the horizontal section of images on this platform provides them with this.

Instagram’s Automation innovative is the next prerequisite for its fruitfulness. Unlike Facebook ads, for example, the promotion of business on this website is simplified. Through various methods to attract a younger audience, now the majority of visitors on Instagram are under 30 years of age. And this is a crucial advantage that older social networks no longer have.


Ads on Facebook advertising online are unique. They are displayed on specific groups of highly committed people with desktop and laptop computers. When your ads have a great creative content and well targeted, they get more likes, comments and shares. When someone commits an act on Facebook, his friends will see your ad, making it more effective. Advertising in Facebook.
We will help you make a selection for advertising and achieve results, whether that means connecting with more people through your website, finding the right customers for the activity, or increase visits to your website or in your store. Facebook advertising online provides customers for your business. With correctly done by Cherry Adv’s professionals- banners and creatives more customers will learn about you.


You can advertise specific banners and messages in different cities of the country, according to the interests of your business. Advertising in Facebook.


This is a platform that any business could afford, because the budget depends on you and your options.

The budget can be amended at any time according to your business needs.

Cherry Adv. advises you what is appropriate for your budget, the final decision is yours.


When your campaign is led by certified professionals properly selected messages in combination with banners lead to more clicks, chamomile or shares and a lower price. When your campaign is planned and carried out well in the long term, this enables us to give you bonuses.

At the end of each month you receive a report on what the results of the campaign are. In standard advertising in other media (TV, radio, magazines, newspapers, billboards, etc.) you pay a number of rotations (number of transmissions) during the broadcast, but there is no real measure of their success.


Facebook is the most popular social network

Advertising on Facebook helps companies meet new clients and keep in touch with them. Most online advertising reaches only 78% of the intended audience, while Facebook advertising online percentage is 89%. With thе tools for business you can set your budget and create ads that reach the right people. Advertising in Facebook.

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