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Design of the brand and brand positioning ... possession of a strong brand and strategy for its development is vital to the long term success of your company. 


The vision of your brand

The team of Cherry Adv. developed a unique method that helps your brand to differentiate loud and clear. Develop creative solutions for the design and the essence of your brand that speaks to your audience focusing your corporate culture, style and philosophy. 



Design and development of a strategy for your business - the brand requires consistent and authentic management decisions inside out. In a hyper competition and a crisis it is necessary to create and engage your community of supporters. Combining traditional and new media is an essential part of any marketing strategy today.  


Transfusion of conventional and modern media

Social Media Cherry Advertising

For years, creative businesses benefit from traditional media such as print, television and radio to raise awareness for their products and services. With the advent of the Internet for more than 15 years, companies started to expand its traditional advertising strategy, including new media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIN, Google+, and others. The team of Cherry Adv. can create and efficiently manage your communication channels and you incorporate emerging media.



Brands are no longer static market. In the digital world today, businesses must evolve and react faster than ever. Cherry Adv. using the context of the brand to unlock new market opportunities and prospects. With our deep understanding and experience in both, we can quickly help you move to the "higher gear" and to successfully turn the highway of the 21st century. All our clients are abreast of new trends.





rebranding strategies


We begin with the construction of a visual basis for your brand to help the development of the history of your company, which will determine the value and importance of your brand on the market.


  • Corporate Identity
  • Web Development and Graphic Design
  • Logo Specification
  • Branding Book
  • Social Media: Linked IN; YouTube; Facebook; Google+ and other
  • Assessment tools for media
  • Brand Refresh 
  • Create a story about your brand
  • Translation Services and Localization


Reasons why your brand has to tell a compelling story: 

  • Storytelling is irresistible, fascinating and provocative way that your target audience will hear effective for you and your company.
  • Authentic history is remembered and set you apart from competitors.
  • Your target market is extremely cooperative.
  • It causes people to let you in their lives.
  • Your life story infused brand and your business.





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