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Google Display Network is a network of over a million sites around the world that partner with Google and at you wish your ad may appear on them.

Let's say you are a manufacturer of toys and marketing a new brand other than your company name or product lines. Nobody knows about this brand. People cannot search for it in Google Search, because they do not know it exists.
We recommend that you advertise on Google Display Network.
Like most consumers, you probably read the news, go into sports portals and forums, and the ads that go over the site could be your ads too.

Our role is to assist you in the first place for the selection of sites and the production of the advertising and ad texts.

What you achieve with your ad to:

  • create interest
  • hold the attention
  • create trust
  • trigger action

As always, Google provides us with countless variations of criteria to use.

1. The sites could be selected according to a set of keywords that would match your site and by default match the context of these words and appear meaningful to certain sites.

2. Groups of sites could be selected according to the summary of their topic.

3 We could select groups of sites based on the interests of the users as well as their age and gender. Common characteristics used to classify the users are:Age

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Households with/without children
  • Buying habits (online or offline).
  • Living in big or small cities

If you open a new restaurant we can set your campaign to appear in certain sites, but only to users in your city. We also have the option according to your desire to manually select sites that we believe will contribute to the success of the campaign.
Next extremely dynamic part of the campaign are the ads itself. According to the sites' options we can see what formats are allowed and again have a large range of options for the layout of the ad.

Ads types in Google Display Network:

1. text ads (like in Google Search)

2. Image ads 

3. Rich Media ads- animated ads 

4. Video ads


In the setup we can even choose the devices which they show on- mobile devices or desktops. As you can see again, Google provides an ocean of information where our certified specialists come in handy to get together to the right solution for your advertising and therefore get the most proper and professional management of it.



 At the end of each month you receive a report on what the results of the campaign. In standard ads in other media (TV, radio, magazines, newspapers, billboards, etc.). You pay a number of rotations (number of transmissions) or during the broadcast, but no real measure of their success.


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