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E-mail marketing is a form of direct marketing in which e-mail is used for sending promotional messages to a targeted group of users. You can attach files with active links, visual images and multimedia.Through this type of marketing companies can maintain close contacts with their customers and to reinforce their confidence in them. Campaigns could be weekly or monthly.



Why do you need E-MAIL MARKETING?


 1. E-mail marketing is an easy channel of communication with your customers and spreads your messages to multiple recipients at once.

2. People check their e-mails often.

3. When enter into a social network, internet users see posts from the last few hours, while E-mail marketing stands as a letter in the mail and wait to be opened until the recipient decides to do so.

4. E-mail marketing services and applications allow you to send an email to a specific group of people on your lists. You can customize your bulletins so that they are only sent to people who clicked on the links from your last email, and either be directed to people from certain regions. This gives enormous control over who sees Inquiry and who is not.

5. E-mail marketing is very cost effective and is among the most effective and inexpensive advertising channels.

Cherry Adv can offer the following forms of E-mail Marketing:

  • Email Marketing by sending Newsletter 
  • Email Marketing by sending a mass email



At the end of each month you receive a report on what the results of the campaign are. 



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