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 Proces planiranja je verovatno jedan od najvažnijih etapa reklamne kampanje. Kampanja mora da ima jasan cilj – ciljnu grupu, vrstu industrije, poruku klijentima, broj klikova, prodaje, registracije, itd.


Provodimo iztraživanja o industrije naših klijenata i o njihovoj konkurenciji. Na taj način možemo izaći na pravi put ka ostvarivanju postavljenih ciljeva.


SWOT analiza klijenta i konkurencije – analiza snage, slabosti i prilika u budućoj kampanji.


Nudimo budžet neophodan za ostvarivanje postavljenih ciljeva i počnemo sa sprovođenjem kampanje.

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Cherry Adv e Premier Google Partner

Dajemo naše mišljenje o tome koji je za klijenta najpogodniji način za promovisanje njegovog biznisa(AdWords Search NetworkAdwords Display NetworkFacebookYoutube, itd.), te definišemo ciljnu publiku i lokaciju oglašavanja (korisnička ciljna grupa).

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What customers say about us

Edenred Group is present in 42 countries worldwide. Edenred is on the Bulgarian market since 2013. The company is part of the group of the world leader in prepaid corporate solutions. Edenred Bulgaria has set new, higher standards of service to customers and users of their services.

Initially, the assignment to us was to support the campaign to increase sales. A year later it was expected from us a comprehensive solution strategy on marketing through various channels. Display and Video campaign proved its advantages.

Today we use a number of models to maximize the return on each BGN invested in advertising and image campaign Edenred.

“With confidence can confirm, Cherry Adv. maintain quality service and professional attitude. We appreciate the demonstrated accuracy and correctness in business partnership. Without reservation recommend the company as a partner in online advertising, which we rely on entirely and which is completely dedicated to the needs of our business.”

Radoslav MarkovMarketing Manager, Edenred Bulgaria JSC

“We’ve been working with Cherry Adv since 06.2016, we wanted to increase the number of credits requested through a Google AdWords ad campaign. We had one before, for two years, but we were not happy with the outcome. As a Google Partner they responded quickly and adequately on the Google’s change of fast-track credit policy: they have communicated and maintained the site to the point of approval by the headquarters. Recently we have been actively involved in implementing an ERP system in our company. I can say that not only the advertising department, but also Cherry Adv’s developers are at a very high level and respond adequately to all customer needs.

Here are the AdWords results:

Site traffic increased by 68%

Sales through Google increased by 28%

Without hesitation I recommend the company as a partner in online advertising that we rely on and is fully customer-oriented. ”

Mario AlexievCEO, Credit INS Ltd.

We are working with Factor I.N. since 2011. The aim of the campaigns were qualitatively increase of the paid traffic. We achieved this objectives by increase in more than 80% of site traffic and surpassed with more than 36.87% targets.

This is their description of our work:

“Factor I.N. JSC expresses its satisfaction with the advertising campaigns of Cherry Adv. and readiness for future collaboration. We recommend the company as a reliable, trustworthy partner, strictly following the commitments and agreed deadlines. Over the last 5 years working together, it became clear that the company has a high business potential, which is guaranteed by the professionalism of the team of experts and the excellent organization of the various departments.”

Nikolai Ivanov CEO, Factor I.N. JSC